J&V Services is renowned in the area of bicycle loss assessment. J&V Services is well known in the bicycle world for its loss assessment expertise in electric bicycles, leased bicycles and bicycles in general. Based on our many years of involvement in the cycling world, we are a leader in the field and well known by insurers and leasing companies. We are continuously deployed at a general and technical level.

Loss adjustment and damage assessment with regard to bicycles and motorcycles is a very specific field that is well understood by J&V Services. Extensive knowledge is required of the world of bicycles and motorcycles. This market is changing rapidly: each year of construction brings with it changes to the model, composition, colours and versions. We must also mention that each bicycle or motorcycle can be assembled in different ways, which is decisive for the final damage estimate or appraisal.

Our professional staff has the necessary knowledge to successfully complete such loss assessment services. For more specialised loss assessment services, we have a proficient bicycles and motorcycles department that follows the market evolution extensively.

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