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As a recognised loss adjustment office, we are known for the following services that we are pleased to offer you.

  • Appraisals

    An appraisal report is a document drawn up on the basis of a visual inspection of the vehicle. It states the vehicle’s fair value. An...

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  • Cars

    By loss adjustment we understand the ‘ordinary classic’ loss adjustments related to scratches, dents, etc. In the case of a damage estimate, the loss adjuster draws up a loss adjustment report that assesses the state of the vehicle and the...

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  • Bicycles/motorbikes

    J&V Services is renowned in the area of bicycle loss assessment. J&V Services is well known in the bicycle world for its loss assessment expertise in electric bicycles, leased bicycles and bicycles in general. Based on our many years of...

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  • Classic cars

    Our assessors have a great passion for classic cars and even pursue this as their hobby. They are present at various events and are members...

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  • Trucks

    The transport sector is in great need of tailor-made loss assessment services. Trucks, tractors and trailers need to remain in circulation as much as possible:...

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  • Other services

    Vehicles/rolling stock comprises more than just cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, classic cars… All our loss adjusters at J&V Services are certified to carry out loss...

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  • Engine damage

    Since its launch, J&V Services has enjoyed a reputation among leasing companies and insurers for investigating engine damage and other powertrain damage. With this type of service, an assessment is first made of the relevant data, separate from examining the...

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  • Fire damage

    We are also available for extensive fire investigations. We are specialised in such investigations, to which we apply the elimination method. A thorough investigation is conducted to determine the cause of the fire. Completely burnt-out wrecks also contain a lot...

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  • Laboratory investigations/Workshop

    Today J&V Services is in full expansion.  With regard to infrastructure, we have initiated construction of a multifunctional test centre and lab. Loss assessment services...

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  • Electronic readout

    It is a fact of life that vehicles make considerable use of electronics. Each vehicle is full of cables, control units and diverse electronic components....

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  • Investigation of location

    At an on-site visit we will also examine the location of the accident. This can be done unilaterally or adversarially. In the case of an...

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  • Audit assignments

    Audit assignments come in diverse forms, ranging from damage assessment related to comprehensive cover insurance to a total audit of the available fleet. We offer...

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  • Verification

    Verification can range from the valuation of your vehicle or appraisal of your classic car in the context of a personal damage/comprehensive cover policy. We...

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  • Buybacks

    Many vehicle intakes take place in the context of short-term and long-term leasing, the so-called buybacks. Here a statement of assessed damage must always be...

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J&V Services started in 1999 as a rolling stock loss adjustment office. Over the years we have become an important player in the loss adjustment sector. All who are confronted with vehicle damage will find a reliable partner in us. We will assess the damage with the required expertise and handle the damage claim professionally and confidentially.

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